3 generations and one family provide character to this wine from central valley in Chile. 3 generations, 3 women, one name: Soleca. Soleca is the pseudonym of “Soledad”, which is where the women tied to the history of Viña Bisquertt have made their mark. A trio of women passionate about wine, beginning thanks to the innovative impulse of Soledad Urrutia Parot, cofounder of Viña Bisquertt, together with her daughter Soledad Bisquertt Urrutia, partner of Viña Bisquertt, and her granddaughter, Soledad Montes Bisquertt. The Soleca wines are a genuine and authentic tribute to the legacy of these three women, tied together by a shared destiny.


We are committed to promoting a culture of sustainability, managing operations, minimizing environmental and social impacts, allowing both economic benefits and the integration of sustainable principles and practices in all our production processes, including its workers, suppliers, customers and communities.

VFC has been certified under the Sustainability Code of the Wines of Chile Association, a certification audited by the international consultant SGS. The certification includes an evaluation of our actions as they relate to the vineyards, the winery, and the social impact of the company.


Our philosophy is to produce quality wines, that identify with the terroir where the grapes come from, with the backing of prestige brands, and made with processes that respect the environment, our employees, and the communities where we work.


Our vineyards are located in the Maule Valley, specifically the sub-valley of San Javier, 300 km south of Santiago, Chile’s capital, and 60 meters m.a.s.l. The Maule Valley is one of the most traditional winemaking valleys of Chile, with excellent climate and soils for growing grapes.  


We have 110 hectares planted to Cabernet Sauvignon (34%),
Carmenere (23%), Merlot (15%), Syrah (7%), and Sauvignon Blanc (5%), among others. The vines are vertically trained and drip irrigated. They were planted in 1995-2011-2018-2019. Irrigation is measured via test pits and analysis of the growth of the vines. 


Precipitation is concentrated in winter, with more than 500mm accumulating annually, while summers are sunny and dry, with a large diurnal temperature range, with averages between 20–30ºC. This Mediterranean-style climate ensures the health of our grapes and allows them to reach a balanced ripeness prior to harvest.


The vineyards are planted on alluvial soils with a large quantity of rounded rocks mixed with layers of clay, a combination that allows for the creation of wines with velvety structure on the palate with fresh aromas.


Located in the town of San Javier, in the Maule Valley, our modern and spacious facilities allow us to work rigorously making premium wines, always maintaining strict quality protocols.

+4.5 million litres of storage capacity.
+800 French oak barrels, in 225 and 500 litre formats.
+4 million stainless steel and epoxy cement vats of various sizes.

+12,000 square metres of modern and spacious facilities.
+2,000 square metres for the storage of bottled wine.
An isothermal plant where the administrative offices, laboratory and quality control area are located.

2 complete European washing-bottling and labelling lines.
+5,000 bottles per hour production capacity.
Machinery and equipment for special packaging.


Andrea studied enology at the Universidad Católica de Chile. She loves to travel and learn about different styles of wine, which has led her to work harvests in many parts of the world, in important wineries in places like the USA, New Zealand, France, and Germany. In Chile, she was a winemaker at Viña Errázuriz and Santa Rita, before joining the Bisquertt team as our Head Winemaker.


At VFC we know that the key to the success of any organisation lies in its people. That is why we have a team of outstanding professionals in each of the areas, committed to excellence and quality.


Andrea Gillet

Bernardita González
Head of Laboratory

David Calderón
Production Director

Analía Martínez
Production Director

Patricio Torres
Commercial Director

Diego Rodríguez
Europe-Latam R.Manager

Tina Nie

China Country Manager

Veronica Contreras
Warehouse Manager

Yerko Moreno
Viticulture advisor

María del Carmen Pérez
Quality Control Manager

Daniela Figueroa
Head of Procurement

Soledad González
Marketing Manager

Andrés Muñoz
Asia Regional Director


Soleca Reserva was created to capture in each wine the winemaking passion of the three women responsible for the brand, expressing their terroir from the Valle Central. This is a family brand with three generations of tradition and history, whose purpose is to make the concept of wine simple, able to accompany any and all occasions.

These wines come from our vineyards located in the Valle Central of Chile. They carefully bring together the interaction of the soil, the climate, and the grape variety, with the controlled management of the vineyards, the winemaking process, and the very short time spent in third- and fourth-use French oak barrels. The resulting wines are honest and authentic, each expressing their origin and the constant search of these three women for making wines with their own identity.